Divas & Scholars

Opera: Interpretations and Perspectives


Masterclass & Co. and the renowned conservatoire, the Royal Northern College of Music, offer a unique and exciting learning experience. During carefully planned intensive courses and Study Days, we will immerse you in different aspects of that powerful and passionate art form, Opera. Choose the period that interests you the most or attend them all and build up a familiarity with the entire history of Opera. Whether you are new to the genre or are already a connoisseur, there will be things to learn and performances to enjoy. Eminent lecturers and opera singers will inform and entertain you with everything you need to know about the subject, the music and its social and performance history. This is an opportunity to study the world of opera with in-depth lectures illustrated by live performances.

Each course will look at a different period in the history of opera. Composers and librettists will be studied in their historical and sociological contexts. The great emblematic operas of the period will be analysed and put in context by musicologists. We have presented a respected director who discussed the historic and contemporary approaches to the staging of the operas. During a Master Class we have enjoyed an international opera star working with young opera singers highlighting the training of the operatic voice, authentic performance approaches and vocal technique. Each Study Day takes a fresh approach with different specialists.